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My projects in eTwinningn

                                                                  My projects in  eTwinning
                            Stefka Pavlova Yorgova
                            Teacher in Kindergarten “ Bodra smyana” , Belene , Bulgaria
I started working on projects in eTwinning  in 2009 .  At first it was difficult for me, because I didn`t know how to use tools . I couldn`t make films and presentations .
 I am a person who loves to learn new things and when you don`t  know something, I always ask others.
 I got in touch with colleagues from other countries who have helped me to learn.

My first project  in eTwinning  is  “The magic of Christmas” . I told for this project  to the children and parents, and they gladly participated in the work -  produced Christmas cards, decorations,  survachki, crooks for carols.  We showed traditional Bulgarian dishes for Christmas . This project received a National Quality Label in 2012. Then I had other projects: Traditional national holidays ,Christmas in The EU.  My plastic heart , Children and nature , Friendship and knowledge , Tell me what are your legends and mhits , Artistic School Calendar . Now I have the open projects : Inspiring gardens , L`Europe vue à travers les yuex des enfants  , Save road , Folklore and traditions, Catch the rainbow .
In April this year we had a day of open doors for parents and communities
 I showed presentations etwinning and Comenius . Kindergarteners and students from the school had a joint lesson for Europe .
 In May we made a video with the children of the town Seduva  , Lithuania.  The children are greeted in English and French,  They sang songs in Bulgarian, French and Lithuanian .  They showed his drawings,  showed  knowledge of the basic signs traffic . Now the children are  very well knowing  where is  Lithuania because she connected with her ​​friends there.   My contacts  in eTwinning  is helping me to find friends and Comenius project . In 2011 we started a project that ends this year.
We are seven countries : Romania, France , Bulgaria, Poland , Greece , Turkey , Lithuania . We Had a seven meeting in the seven countries  and we made fantastic  products – The dolls in the national costumes , Calendar the Holidays ,  The book courtesy formulas and the book “In Europe “.
ETvinnig work is inspiring for the children and t he teachers.

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